3D tours are part of our vision for making spaces come alive. We know that to sell a property you have to do more than just show it; you have to actually transmit emotions. That is why we start with how a space makes you feel. A virtual, 3-D tour gives a taste of what life could be in a space; it lets you peek inside, beyond where photos, blueprints and drawings can take you. It lets us bring a property to life, even before you cross the threshold.

We turn properties into stories, and let our ideas speak for themselves in virtual tours. Equipped with a true-to-scale 3D model and VR glasses, you can take a virtual tour through the property. Uncover unimagined perspectives and step inside at any time, never mind the business hours.

As a sister company to the architecture and interior design firm blocher partners, we have many years of experience with words and with space. We know how spaces are created and how they work. We know how words and images make them come alive. And we know how they can become a stage for visitors and for products, whether analogue or digital.

Explore some of our 3D-Spaces