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design agencycorporate identity/language real estate marketing/wayfinding

we create identity / design character / create orientation
clear. lively. sustainable.

our strength
connecting people / space / movement / design / communication / environment
conceptual. creative. economical.

why typenraum?
we work in the heart of architects / interior designers / urban planners / construction managers / product designers
inside instead of outside.

our profile
strategy / systemic workshops / conception / coaching / naming / corporate design & language / public relations / design im raum / guidance systems
influential. efficient. inspiring.


expertisewhat we do

Communication Strategies & Workshops

Asking, analysing, connecting and strengthening ideas and strategies together, for the market and for people

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Naming & Branding

Translating strategies into words & images that go beyond a client’s wildest dreams

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Corporate Design & Corporate Communication

For every name a logo, for every communication a structure, tone, format and style

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Corporate Language

holistically – in form and structure:
— image, graphics, words as central message building blocks of an authentic identity

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Public Relations

Finding the right channels, and working with quantitative and qualitative communications

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Design in Space

Kreative User Experiences durch die Verbindung von rationaler und emotionaler Kommunikation

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Guidance and orientation systems

Structuring and organizing questions, paths and goals in a space, and charging them with emotions

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Making spaces come alive: Be there interactively, wherever you are, whenever you wish

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Image Movies & Product Videos

Ideas and feelings in motion

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space for

»hello« who we are

stories perspectives & trends

G.B. Shaw

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