Naming & Branding


Spatial boundaries fall away, spaces become fluid. Rooms trigger emotions, suggest a vision of life and become a screen onto which we project our values. When we sell a property, we’re no longer just offering real estate. We’re offering the attitude to life that goes with it. Our goal is to give a property a brand that accomplishes two things: a sense of identification on the part of the buyer, and a clear distinction from the competition. Naming and branding make a brand visible; the associated stories and images make it stand out from the crowd, make it credible and emotionally accessible.

Branding creates a fascinating story for a new property, and adds a special charm to existing properties with their own story. Not only does branding raise the recognisability factor for a property; it also shapes its identity, making it visible and emotionally accessible to the client. Not unlike design and décor, branding lifts a property’s attractiveness and therefore its value.

But branding alone is not enough. Just as every identity needs a name, so does a brand need its handle . Recognition is achieved through naming that fits like well-tailored suit. When properly coordinated, naming and branding can make a property unforgettable.