Design in Space


The world around us is steadily becoming more complicated. While our virtual spaces of action keep on expanding, our urban living space is shrinking. This affects not only our social lives but also our requirements for design, in both space and products. Despite – or perhaps because of – the continually expanding technological networks around us, our need for social interaction, for memorable, shareable experiences, remains acute: and digital isn’t enough. An interior becomes the mirror of a brand's attitude, and evolves into a spatial brand experience. Our Design in Space underscores three-dimensional brand communication, bringing together high design expectations and a brand’s unique message.

Whether in workspaces, in retail, at trade fairs or in public spaces: Design in Space finds its raison d'être where the client, the colleague or the passer-by meets the brand product up close and personal. Design can serve as inspiration, but it can also serve as orientation. Whatever the purpose, it always integrates itself comfortably in architecture and interior, picks up on the dynamic of its surroundings and inspires enthusiasm for a brand. It can come through in lettering or in a graphic element. It can inform us or please us aesthetically. Placed strategically at prominent locations in a space, it creates a multifaceted interplay that appeals to the senses, with the potential of captivating the beholder for the long term.