Guidance and orientation systems


Architecture breaks new ground. It reflects our culture, is a projection surface for our expectations of life. It lends identity, in that we instinctively open it up, surrendering to our intuition and allowing it to lead us to new spaces – in life and thought. If architecture does not want to guide us but rather to tempt us, it needs orientation aids. The secret, however, is not to tell us where to go, but to subtly imply an orientation. To give impulse to intuition, to leave room for personal experience.

Orientation systems do this in two ways. They bring people and places into contact, deepening their relationship through an intuitive and thus emotional accessibility. By making spaces visually accessible, they also illuminate the company behind them. Guidance systems are therefore always part of a company's corporate design, a means of visually expressing that identity in public spaces.

This expression can be restrained and informative, but also striking with the help of graphics or a lively visual language. Accents of colour, concise typographies, analogue and digital elements, lighting and labelling are the tools. Consulting, conception, analysis, design, system development, implementation and optimization are the approach. Our guidance system design is aesthetic yet concrete; self-explanatory yet emotional; holistic yet down to earth.