blocher partners

Corporate communications, object marketing, guidance and orientation systems, naming and branding, room graphics as well as corporate design — Herdweg 19, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany — blocher partners

Transdisciplinary Cooperation

The approach is holistic; the process is transdisciplinary. This is nothing new for blocher partners, where projects have always been conceived and implemented holistically, drawing on the expertise and knowledge of all related disciplines. The outlook and the input coming from colleagues from all different branches, some of them quite dissimilar, makes our design unique: innovative, sustainable, timeless, aesthetic, functional and emotionally accessible. As part of the blocher corporation, we work together to realize projects that range from architecture and interior design to marketing of properties, including guidance and orientation systems, naming and branding, and even corporate design and public relations.

When it comes to corporate communications, we work side by side with blocher partners and communications specialists. From traditional press relations to social media and website maintenance, we support the head of communications. For each project, we work in teams consisting of editors and graphic designers, on such projects as our yearbook, or the design of trade fair stands. All brochures, presentations for lectures and publications, bear our mark.

Our history with blocher partners has shown us how spaces come to be, and how they work. As communications specialists in the field of real estate and construction, our task is to make spaces come alive through words and images.

Communication measures for last years