Corporate Language


The language of values. Man and science have recognized that we must act holistically. Actions, however, listen to thoughts, and thoughts follow language. A language, which likewise functions by separation only (either lid or bucket)? A separating principle. which also guides our common diagrams of the »Corporate Identity«. Corporate Behavior, Corporate Culture, Corporate Communication, Corporate Design—each has its circle; each circle stands alone: they do not even overlap.

Everybody talks about "corporate language", hardly anybody addresses it. When a new »corporate design« is commissioned, only the formal dress of the company is usually changed. While the corporate language remains unchanged. The result: »The visual face of tomorrow«; spoken with the language of yesterday. Who said again: »Don't present the future in clogs.«—?

One cannot NICHT communicate. Although we know that Corporate Behavior and Culture are of little value if no one communicates them, »Corporate Language« is rarely found in our diagrams: let alone on a meta-level. And this despite the fact that we are writing more and more: Web, email, social media, ... That's why our corporate design-strategies are always bilingual: visual and textual