Image Movies & Product Videos


If you want potential clients to notice you, you have to be visible. That’s why we believe good real estate marketing online requires more than just expanding one’s reach and optimizing of systems; one also needs to have an understanding of target groups. And to get there, you absolutely must think outside the analytical box; you must see people and give space to empathy and emotions. Because – for a long time now – the first contact with a brand usually happens on the Internet, not in person. So it is in that realm that the people and values behind a brand must be visible and tangible.

An image movie suggests closeness, provides insights, inspires trust and, in the best case, makes people want to experience its subject in person. Image movies surpass most other means of communication when it comes to subtly yet confidently expressing a brand’s know-how, innovation and charisma, while at the same time conveying a sense of closeness to customers and employees. Films can make corporate values transparent and give a picture of the brand ahead of an actual encounter.

It’s not unlike the principle of a product video, something that also is part of our portfolio. Unlike pure product descriptions or images, sketches and visualizations, a product video shows an item from all angles, in its fields of application or even in its development phase, introducing its designers and the considerations that inspired and occupied them.

We offer a full range of film production services – we develop scripts and storyboards, organize all the necessary equipment and take care of post-production.

Watch some of our product videos: