Public Relations


A space is more than just a property, more than architecture alone. It is a product of interactions. A place where people meet. We aim to promote this kind of communication. We are seeking dialog – person to person, within our transdisciplinary teams, and with our clients. Never one-sided, and always eye-to-eye. Never monotonous, and always emotional.

That is why we see public relations as – on one hand – a classic tool for providing information about a company and its services. It allows us to build trust and a positive image. On the other hand, we see it as a strategic management tool that helps a company achieve its goals, including turning a property into a lifestyle brand and a must-have for investors.

We will support and advise you in reaching your clients simultaneously via numerous channels. Together, we communicate themes – and we create them, too, with messages that are relevant for your target group. We develop a PR strategy that takes you from concept development to composition of press releases and statements. We help you broaden your outreach and build networks.