Rathaus Weil am Rhein Leit- und Orientierungssystem

Development of a guidance and orientation system — Rathausplatz 1, 79576 Weil am Rhein — May 2023 — City of Weil am Rhein

Administrative building for the future

As part of the town hall extension in Weil am Rhein, the communication experts from typenraum designed a new guidance and orientation system for the ensemble. The first step was to develop a guiding strategy with the aim of clearly dividing the two buildings into annex and existing building, while still making them appear as a unit. Each building was given its own colour code. A minimalist design with clear lines and a modern font was developed to match the architectural language.

Two recurring elements characterize the design: a fine, all-round aluminium frame with an anodized look gives the impression that the contents are floating. The acrylic glass panels are painted in a dark metallic colour from behind and are graphically covered from the front, creating the effect of spatial depth. Invisible fixings emphasize the light, subtle effect.