Development of naming, logo and color scheme as well as a communication concept — Am Schwanenplatz, 70190 Stuttgart, Stuttgart — 2020 — PlanQuadrat Projekt GmbH & Co. KG

Holistic Approach for a Holistic Place

The coming years will see the emergence of the Berg Health Campus, right in the middle of Stuttgart's green heart – the inner-city park close to Rosenstein Park. Its holistic principle emphasizes nature-related as well as medical topics – such as being healthy, staying healthy and becoming healthy. But it also focuses on nutrition, exercise and relaxation. All in a natural setting.

Our communications specialists were given the task of bringing this concept to life, in words and images. Starting with a workshop, we defined the naming, logo and palette; we then came up with a communications concept. Usually, one finds linear, technical fonts in medical contexts. But we wanted to express the campus’ special connection to nature, its holistic character and orientation toward wellness.

In the sense of a unified division, matching the diverse and synergetic utilization concept of the campus, we developed a divided and yet coherent lettering system whose colours bring to mind the elements of water and nature, and reflect the values of balance, warmth, life, security. In this way, it represents a connection between what the health campus is and what it does: three buildings that stand separately yet are connected. The term “health campus” underscores the synergetic significance of the interrelated practices.