Guidance system, corporate design, communication strategy for the newly built furniture store — Im Neckargarten 16, 74078 Heilbronn, Germany — 2019 — Möbel Rieger GmbH & Co. KG

A Brand Communication You Can Feel

Projects for Möbel Rieger are always special. Not only do they bring out the transdiscplinary approach and working style of typenraum and blocher partners in a unique way; the projects also are characterized by the innovative strength of this retail company, with its seven locations. Benno Rieger, managing director of Möbel Rieger, is known for his visionary approach and his clear words. With the opening of this new flagship store in Heilbronn, we have »pulled off another one«, as he put it recently in an interview.

Since 2008 – with the construction of the Rieger furniture store in Esslingen – blocher partners architects and interior designers have been accompanying Rieger's projects, along with our communications specialists. Our collaboration reached its zenith so far in 2019 with the store opening in Heilbronn. While we had already taken on the corporate design and guidance system for the project in Esslingen, the range was much broader for the Heilbronn project, being extended to include public relations.

The guidance system is straightforward, even striking; the corporate design is unusually aesthetic for a furniture store, with a brand face you can’t forget; the communications strategy developed for the opening is both humorous and straightforward; and responsibility for strategic press relations is an expression of mutual appreciation and trust.

The prestigious »Store of the Year« award that Möbel Rieger received from the German Retail Association in 2020 speaks for itself.